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"...Our passion is helping talented people fulfill their helping their businesses succeed!"

Having dedicated the past 18 years to integrating a unique combination of Administrative, Design & Marketing and now, Social Media...if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that I’m only successful when YOU are successful.


From showcasing your best goods and services, keeping in constant contact with your customers, engaging potential clients, boosting your Account Manager’s bottom line, or making everyone feel important and welcome when they call or visit, I’m ensuring that your company leaves a lasting impression of warmth and professionalism.


But I am also not another office drone; I collaborate with you to brainstorm ideas, and strategize with you to help determine the best ways I can support your long-term goals.  I'm curious and innovative. I keep everything that's going on organized to make sure nothing falls through the cracks, yet am adaptable enough to go with the flow.  I think of our work together as a partnership, where I’m doing what I do best to help you do what you do best.


I’ve been fortunate to have worked with a select number of diversely talented people:  From the amazing managers and executives I supported in the Public Relations & Media departments at Calder Bateman Communications, to engaging with foremost civic business leaders of the Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, and being mentored by the Owner of Marathon Benefits Corp.…I have been honoured (and humbled) throughout my career.


I’m especially proud of the design work I’ve done in promotion of fundraising initiatives for the Calgary Dream Centre, which focuses on guiding persons caught in cycles of poverty and addiction into lives of purpose.


These days, I’m focused on evolving my Social Media Marketing, Online Reputation Management, and Data Analysis talents, and would be enthusiastic to work these new skills to your advantage.

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